by Kirby Allen

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Written and recorded between late 2012 and early 2014 with a Mac Mini, Blue Yeti microphone and Garageband.


released June 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Kirby Allen Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Soil
I wish I had some direction
I wish I had some deflection
from the things that make me bad

cuz every day that I wake from
it seems that i am fucking up
something that I once had

now i know
the good things won’t grow
without a little soil in the ground

and now i see
the dirt won't give way to leaves
without a little rain falling down

am i born to serve myself
or give away everything else
that i feel makes life complete

cuz all this time im wondering why
the sun is always in my eyes
and i am too blind to lead

but now i see
i don't need all of those things
to justify waking up

and everyone
who says im not good enough
will fall away into the ocean

im hoping for better days.
Track Name: Together
there you are, standing there
come inside, there’s no reason to be scared

i want you near
i want to feel together

we both know what the other won’t show
we won’t say, we’ll just walk away

i want to feel
i want you near, forever

we won’t stay because we’re all afraid
we could play, we just run away
Track Name: For Sandy Hook
i am good but i am evil
i am strong but also weak
when the night time comes and everybody goes to sleep
i will reach out for you in the darkness dear

i am virtuous but i am heathen
i am hopeful and filled with doubt
when the stars come out and i am trying not to weep
i will think of you and all you’ve done for me.

was life always this confusing?
was i sad when i was young?
because now i’m grown and all the tragedy i see
has me giving up on all that i believe.

we’re doing the best we can
to keep going without a plan.
i know i won’t give up on you
if you won’t give up on me.
Track Name: Why
i know it makes you want to die
but give it time, you will realize
all of your own reasons why.

and when tomorrow comes
and it hurts just as much
and you’ve lost all your reasons why.

i will help you, my friend
and we will search through the river bed
finding all your reasons why.

one by one they’ll fall into place
smiles returning to your face
full of all the reasons why
you decided to stay.
Track Name: Brother
brother you are part of me
alive from the start of me
you're hurting now, i see it's so
i wanna help you, but i don't know
how long they're gonna lock you away
and i'm sitting here waiting for you to say,

"brother, i can hear you now
your voice it cuts through all the clouds
i was so lost, i could not swim.
could you help me? cuz i'm falling in.
the waters rising up and i don't know
if i'm strong enough."

brother, come home
brother, come home.
i'm staying up, we got the porch light on
you don't have to face this all alone.