from by Kirby Allen



I wish I had some direction
I wish I had some deflection
from the things that make me bad

cuz every day that I wake from
it seems that i am fucking up
something that I once had

now i know
the good things won’t grow
without a little soil in the ground

and now i see
the dirt won't give way to leaves
without a little rain falling down

am i born to serve myself
or give away everything else
that i feel makes life complete

cuz all this time im wondering why
the sun is always in my eyes
and i am too blind to lead

but now i see
i don't need all of those things
to justify waking up

and everyone
who says im not good enough
will fall away into the ocean

im hoping for better days.


from together, released June 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Kirby Allen Los Angeles, California

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