Let's Be Friends!

by Kirby Allen

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These song were written and recorded betweet 2010 and 2012 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and New York City.


released September 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Kirby Allen Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Mine Shafts
I can feel the weight of your heart pulling on mine it feels alright.

Pull me down, pull me down, pull me down, pull me down into the mine shaft with you.

Forget all the iron, forget all the gold, I want to go down and search our souls. I'm ready to find the core.

Let's grab some shovels, we'll go to the shed and get our hands dirty. I want to break this Earth, I know you're nervous.

Forget all the lies and all you've been told, let's dig up some clay to hold these stones. I'm ready to build our home.

'Cause this is all we've got. Just minerals and rocks to fertilize this plot where we'll grow our love.

All I want to do is build a home with you to shelter us from the rain we won't see coming back our way, we won't see coming back our way and when it does, we'll jump back into the mine shafts.
Track Name: Flooding
It's raining on Sunday
it's pouring down my face.
It's heavy now and harder still
It's pouring down and flooding hills.

I heard my name called in the wind
but you're not there, you won't call me again.
The wind is screaming through the trees
the air is filling up with leaves.

Maybe I'll go outside and I'll drink the rain
maybe the fallen clouds will ease my pain.
I can't go on like this, living in thirst.
It's just like before but now I'm the one who's hurt.

I've been all over town
the sky is blackened up with clouds.
I don't know which way to go.
The flood has washed away my home.
Track Name: The End
Well I'm searching for that river bed
a place where I can rest my head.
I'm looking for that long road home.
Yeah, I - I'm looking the one.

If you see me sleeping by the trees
I'm not waiting for a breeze
I'm looking for that Yellow Brick Road
Yeah, I - I'm looking for a home.

Some say death is where you'll find that place.
"You can rest at the end of the race!"
I'm looking forward to the end,
Yeah, I - I'm waiting for the end.